Everyone might occasionally get the question – how do you clean wool throws and blankets? Do you wash them at all? Since wool is an incredibly resilient fibre not everyone understands that it requires the gentlest handling in water and is often best left alone. Today we present you the greatest tips on cleaning wool throws and blankets.

Cleaning Wool Throws

  • Let it breathe

Sometimes simply ventilating works best on wool. Shake your throws well and leave them to hang in the air. Do not worry about the windy days – the more ventilated a blanket will get the fresher it will look and smell.

  • Don’t use detergents

If you must wash your wool throw don’t forget the best rule in washing natural fabrics – do not overdo it with detergents. In this case less is always better, therefore a touch of soap will be the perfect choice for washing your wool garments.

  • Roll it up

If you do not want to make your throw look messy and used up never wring it out after washing or it will lose its shape. Roll up your wool throw or blanket in a tower in order for it to absorb the water.

  • Let it air dry

As we’ve already mentioned, air is wools best friend. Do not tumble-dry or blow dry your wool throws. Air dried wool throws and blankest will look much more fresh and healthy and will last you a lifetime.