Alpaca throws and clothing are on high demand and popular for several reasons. The alpaca wool fibers are similar to ones of sheep but warmer and do not have poky fibers that make other wool fabrics itchy and not that comfortable to wear.

alpaca wool

Alpaca wool products make a perfect choice for those who have skin and other allergies but still want to wear wool or use it at home. Sheep’s wool is full of lanolin and this makes it unsuitable for allergic people or those with sensitive skin to wear. Simple as it seems, this is still an important reason that contributes to popularity of alpaca throws, blankets, clothing and accessories.

The appearance of alpaca wool also adds to the popularity of the fabric. It has a natural luster that is hard to reproduce or replicate and gives alpaca garments or blanket a specific and pretty look. Additionally, the woven alpaca fibers results in comfortable fabric that is nice to wear as it is very soft and does not irritate the wearer’s skin.


Alpaca throws and clothing are rugged and very long lasting. They do not become piled easily which makes them maintain their beautiful appearance for a long time. The very fact that alpaca blankets and garment are long lasting make them a good investment.

Alpaca Wool Throw Blanket

Alpacas derive from the Andes Mountains of Central America. The fibers of alpaca were made into usable fabric by the people of Peru for hundreds of years before they were first brought to a western world. The most common and popular articles are alpaca throws, alpaca blankets and clothing, but a wide array of other things are also produced. There are alpaca mittens, socks and scarves, alpaca baby textile and other. Alpaca is a warm fabric, it doesn’t shrink a lot or attract odor, and therefore it can be used in the producing of a variety of home textile and clothing items.