With winter right around the corner, winter pop-ups and places like Winter Wonderland opening we all get that cosy-Christmas-ey feeling inside. The only thing that does not brighten our mood is the constant darkness that we get in late autumn and early winter. Today we present you some tips and tricks on surviving the pre-winter darkness.


Lovely smelling yankee candles

Probably the best and most lovely thing invented specially for winter are the amazing aromatic candles more commonly known as yankee candles. Lighting one up in your bedroom or living room will not only brighten up the space but will also fill the room with amazing scents such as mulled wine, cinnamon, orange, etc.

Cosy throws and blankets

Cuddling up in one of the cosiest things ever – a warm wool throw or a blanket – is the best thing you could do while spending time at home in winter. With the huge variety for you to choose from you‘ll definitely find one that‘s perfect for you. Keeping you warm and cosy wool throws are known to be one of the best Christmas presents as well.

Christmas lights

Christmas lights and garlands not only add some festive mood but they brighten up the surroundings as well. Perfect for festivities these little things can bring a smile to anyone’s face without even trying. Hang some in all the rooms to brighten up both your home and your mood.