With autumn getting us into our blue mood most of us start thinking about things to do and hobbies that do not require setting a foot outside your cosy home. While men get their hands onto their cars or start doing some hard core gaming women might get into arts and crafts like sewing, decoupage or knitting. Today we are happy to present you the most favourable knitting patterns for autumn 2016.


The herringbone pattern is known for its unique name and resemblance to the bones of a fish because of the arrangement of rectangles used to create it. Herringbone pattern as well as the hound tooth pattern is favourable because of its great feature – it goes well with any solid colours. Therefore a wool throw in herringbone pattern will not only be a great shoulder warmer but it will also be an amazing accessory in a living room with any dominant solid colours.


As well as their colleague chequered pattern the striped pattern will never go out of fashion. Adored by marine theme lovers and fashionistas all over the world striped pattern is excellent for wool garments. Wool throws and blankets in striped patterns will look stylish and fun and will definitely add some vibrancy to any room.


Meet the cosiest pattern known for human kind – the plaited pattern. Adding several plaits will make any sweater, throw or any other wool garment seem a lot cosier instantly. If you want your home to look more welcoming or to add that home-sweet-home feeling to it just make sure you have several plaited wool throws and throw pillows and you’re good to go!