With wool getting more and more popular and used for different types of products every day it is just the perfect time to find out more about the different types of it. While mohair is one of the most beloved fibres in the world there is still very little known about this unique type of wool. Today we are ready to introduce you the tree things you probably didn’t know about mohair.


  • Mohair yarn is made from the wool of Angora goats

Most of you might be surprised to find out that mohair, unlikely to its name, is produced from the wool of goats called Angoras. On top of that, the fabric that we call Angora is produced from the fur of Angora rabbits.

  • Mohair is one of the oldest textile fibres

Mohair has been produced exclusively in Turkey for thousands of years before becoming popular in Europe as a type of textile in the 19th century. The producing of mohair dates back to as early as the 8th century.

  • The fleece of the Angora goat grows in uniform locks

The luxurious fleece of the Angora goats grows in curly locks thus making it even more unique. Mohair is composed mostly of keratin therefore unlike wool mohair does not felt. The fabric produced from the fleece is known for its unique qualities of taking dye in very well and having insulating quality therefore making it a luxurious and loveable fibre.