Probably each and every single one of us has had the idea to go on holiday somewhere warm when it gets cold in the winter, but the truth is, not many of us have the possibility to just leave work for three whole months. For the ones that are stuck in the chilly and gloomy weather – there is still hope. Here are several items that will definitely help you survive winter.


Wool socks

The most essential item that will not only keep you extra warm but will also keep you cosy in the winter is a pair of wool socks. Perfect to wear instead of slippers wool socks are definitely winter essentials.


Now this, on the other hand, is something new. While wool socks are considered a winter classic onesies weren’t so popular until a few years ago. Slipping into one while just chilling at home with a book is one of the greatest ideas – it’s not only cosy but extremely comfortable as well.

A cosy throw

Wool throws are definitely worth making it to winters top 3 essential items. The cosiest item you could ever imagine works both as a shoulder warmer and a sitting spot, especially if you have a fireplace. Cuddle up in it and enjoy!