Choosing a wool throw or a blanket one must include merino wool throws & blankets among the options. Merino wool products are well known for their warmth, resilience, natural elasticity and softness. These properties make merino wool the ideal material for quality sleeping environment. Merino wool provides throws & blankets with lasting texture and comfort and also resists microbes and dust mites.

merino wool blanket

In order to help you choosing the best merino wool throw or blanket, we have put together this article, so read on!

Pure or blended?

In order to get all the benefits of merino wool, be sure what you purchase. Merino wool can be blended with other types of wool to the throw or blanket would combine the benefits of both. For example, adding cashmere makes the wool throw silkier and adding camel hair makes it softer and more resilient.

What texture?

Merino can be spun and woven to look like a “normal” throw or blanket, but if you wish to enjoy all the benefits of merino wool, look for a throw which texture resembles the fleece of the sheep – i.e. deep fleecy texture. This kind of texture allows locking air in tiny spaces which results in support and warmth one expects from merino wool. What you should avoid is the texture that resembles the “fleece” jacket – it has very little depth and therefore lacks the quality.

merino throw

How to clean?

Cleaning your merino wool throws & blankets is easy. Actually, the cleaning as we imagine it – with washing, drying or dry cleaning – is rarely necessary with wool throws. Wool throws & blankets resist bacteria, dust mites and other bugs one might be concerned about. They also remain odor free. All you need is to shake and air your blanket from time to time and if you find a mark, wipe it with a damp cloth. Vacuum cleaning is also an option.

merino blanket

Where to buy?

As with all items that you expect will serve you many years, it is wise to buy your wool throws at an expert. Experienced seller will be able to tell you all the technical details of the throw, provide guarantees, make a special blend or size for you. Even if you do not need any of these services they indicate a company that has competence in wool products‘ market and is able to do the best for its clients.