While summer is getting closer and closer every day the weather surely is playing tricks on us making us wear lightweight dresses one day and warm jackets the other one. With weather getting warm most of us start thinking about throwing our warm clothes and sheets into the darkest corners of our closets.


On the other hand people in countries that have warm weather throughout most of the year such as Australia tend to wear warm clothing and even fur boots to protect themselves from the heat. Today we are ready to show you the benefits of staying cosy and sleeping under a warm wool throw even during warm weather.


First of all, wool is a great insulator. It tends to keep you warm when you are cold and cool you down when you feel hot.


On top of that wool has breathability therefore it lets your body breathe even when you are tucked in and feeling cosy.


Wool is known for its unique quality – durability. If you get yourself a pure wool throw it is guaranteed to last you a lifetime.

Use it for multiple purposes – covering your shoulders, using as a blanket to sit on at the park or even having one in the truck of your car for lifesaving purposes.