Both wool throws and rugs are meant to keep you warm and comfortable. Natural wool throws will protect your body against the chill while wool rugs will keep your feet warm. Not only that – wool rugs make flooring cozier and smoother and a way nicer to your feet.


Benefits of pure wool throws were discussed a lot in our blog, let’s talk more about wool rugs today.

Wool Rugs for Home Decor

Good quality wool rugs are popular for their softness and sturdiness. They are mostly suited for high traffic areas in a home If natural interior accessories are what you prefer for your home, wool rugs is a perfect choice. Depending on amount you want to spend you can choose a hand-woven or machine-made wool rug.


A wool rug can become a focal point in a room if you thoughtfully choose the size, colors and patterns of the rug. For modern home décor choose contemporary patterns. If classic style is what you want to achieve, traditional Persian or Oriental wool rugs will do the job. To stand out and make an eye catcher, you might want to buy an octagonal and oval shaped wool rug.

Beautiful and Durable

Wool rugs made of pure wool are very soft and ensure the best comfort level. The wool fiber is naturally extremely resilient which makes wool rugs more durable than those made of synthetic materials. Wool rugs are also water-, fire- and stain- resistant. As wool throws, wool rugs are hypoallergenic and suit well for people with allergies. One of the best features is that wool rugs help to reduce the noise level in a room. They have a great sound absorbing capacity and suit well for wooden or tile floors. Another major benefit of wool rugs is that they prevent slippage and are ideal for homes with little children and elder people.


If you like to add coziness, charm and softness to your interior design, purchase a some quality wool throws and finely crafted wool rugs.