Wool is definitely one of the most popular natural materials known but not many of us know the actual benefits of using wool products daily. If you have not known a lot about wool get ready for some knowledge – we are about to introduce you to wool, the durable natural material.


Wool is the fiber that is obtained from sheep. In some cases such as mohair and angora it is obtained from goats, rabbits and other animals. The fiber has to go a long way fom being grown on a sheep up until what we see in shops in the form of wool yarn. The first part of the process is called shearing. Shearing is the process of cutting the wool fleece from the sheep. Once the fleece is shorn it is categorised by the quality of the fleece. Scouring is the second step in processing wool. Before being used the fleece needs to be cleaned – scoured. After scouring wool is ready to be spun into yarn and used commercially.

While there are plenty of really nice benefits of wool there are certain that are more distinctive than others.

As well as being durable, biodegradable and natural fabric wool appears to be a great option for your bedding. Wool bedding is said to promote both sleep quality and times. Studies have shown that wool bedding and sleep clothing helps you fall asleep faster and keeps your body at an optimal temperature therefore reducing the times you wake up at night.

While wool is known as a prickly fabric it is a misconception that people with sensitive or problematic skin should not use wool products. Dermatology studies have shown that wearing properly selected wool items will not irritate the skin but will actually benefit those suffering from skin conditions.