Wrapping up your shoulders, curling under when feeling cold – these are the ways that wool throws are usually used. Today we are going to deepen your knowledge and present you thee more occasions when a wool throw will come in handy.


  • Wrapping your baby

When it comes to babies, they can be really sensitive to things such as cold, roughness and weather the fabric feels nice to touch. You might be surprised to hear this, but babies really enjoy being wrapped around in wool. Especially when the wool throw you’re wrapping them in is a pure baby alpaca wool throw.  They are soft, cosy, extremely warm, and most importantly they are not prickly so they will not make your baby squirm or cry for attention.


  • Covering your windows

For those especially windy nights when you feel like the draft is going to rip off your roof a wool throw will definitely come in handy. Since wool is a natural fabric and it breathes it will let air pass through but store the warmth inside and keep the cold away from your home making it warm and cosy.


  • Using for emergencies

Storing a wool throw or even a couple of them in your car will not only help you out in several situations but it could even save your life in an emergency. Wool throws will keep you warm on those chilly afternoons riding in your car or help you out if the hotels do not provide enough throws for you to stay warm.