A wool throw is most often used for our indoor life – to cover up while taking a nap, wrap oneself while reading or watching TV, placing neatly on an armchair as an interior detail etc. But wool throws can be very handy outdoors as well. Lets talk about camping!


First of all, we do not recommend taking one of your precious alpaca throws or angora throws out to the woods! One always has a cheap wool throw bought in second-hand shop or discounted wool throw maybe with some defects around the house. Pack those for your camping trip! As long as they are made of pure wool, they will do the job perfectly.

The first obvious use of a wool throw is a warm wrap on cold nights in a tent or while sitting at the fireplace, but there are other numerous ways one can use it. Check these out:


1. Wrap your wool throw around your sleeping bag for additional warmth without the itching that a (cheap) wool throws could cause if placed directly against the skin.

2. Spread your wool throw over the outside of the tent if there is a leak. Wool is a natural water repellent – the fibers of the throw will help keep you dry in a downpour.
To deter moisture while sleeping on a ground place your throw under the sleeping bag.


3. Spread out your wool throw as ground cover for a picnic or use as a table cloth over a wooden picnic table (and avoid worn and filthy appearances of public picnic table) – have a more pleasant outdoor eating experience!

4. On a windy day – hold up the throw when trying to start a campfire. To avoid the flames, have other people help you holding all the corners of the wool throw or use tree branches to tie the throw to.

5. In case of emergency pack super quickly by spreading your wool throw on the ground and putting there all your lighter camping gear and then 
 pulling up the corners of the throw and spinning the load a couple of times to create a makeshift storage bag that can be dumped in a car trunk until you are ready to unload.

A warm wool throw is irreplaceable when camping with children. It can become a little playground place, additional bed sheet, a small makeshift tent or cover from harsh sun or even an extra towel!