Both durable and practical cashmere is one of the most luxurious cold weather materials. In order to keep it in excelent condition and enjoy its durability cashmere needs to be taken care of properly. We piled together a bunch of useful tips that will come in handy when properly cleaning and storing your cashmere garments.

Cashmere care - WoolMe

De-pilling cashmere

Pilling is a natural characteristic of the cashmere fibers and not a sign of unsatisfying quality. Pilling occurs most of the time therefore it is essential to remove the pills before cleaning cashmere. You can either use an electric de-piller or simply a cashmere comb which is more gentle on the material. If you are using an electric de-piller avoid using it too often since it can make the material thinner.

Cleaning cashmere

Cashmere can only be hand washed using gentle fine-garment detergents. Using a clean sink fill it with lukewarm water and sumberge your cashmere garment. Wash gently allowing to soak for at least 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly several times until the water runs clear. Never wring or tumble dry your cashmere garments – simply place them in a towel and gently squeeze to get rid of the excess water. Always air dry your cashmere garments. Do not put them on radiators or any direct heat since it could affect the material.

Storing cashmere

Always ensure your cashmere is completely dry beforing storing it away since humidity could lead to mould which could ruin your garments. All knitwear is best stored folded in a drawer since hanging ir might stretch the fabric and the garment might change its shape. Using air tight bags with some rosemary, lavender or cedar sticks is a great organic alternative to moth balls which ensures your garments will always have a lovely scent.