It is difficult nowadays to imagine a home without a wool throw or two. Although many types of wool are used in wool blankets and throws production, alpaca throws are considered among the best. Apart from superb qualities of alpaca wool, alpaca throws are appreciated for their smoothness and elegant looks.


You can read about the qualities of alpaca wool yarn in one of our previous articles. But in short – alpaca wool is collected from a South American animal alpaca that is grown in the Andes specifically for their high quality fiber which had been used for textile items and clothing for ages.

Having an alpaca throw at home means warmth and coziness on chilly days or when taking a nap. But alpaca throws can also act as interior details and complement overall home décor.

First of all, let’s recall the benefits of a throw made of (or containing) alpaca wool:

  • The texture of a throw is very soft and silky.
  • The soft yarn does not irritate skin.
  • Because of absent lanolin alpaca wool throws are hypo-allergic.
  • Being made of a very strong type of wool, alpaca throws are durable and will last ages.
  • Alpaca throw resists to pilling and does not shrink if cared for properly.

Apart from these functional properties, alpaca throws have one important aesthetic quality. Alpaca wool accepts dyes very well which allows alpaca yarn items come in a wide selection of colors, patterns and designs. And this allows having a top quality throw of a color one’s heart craves for. Although vibrant bright colors are a popular choice, shades of natural undyed alpaca wool (i.e. white, grey, cream, lots of brown shades) are appreciated better (check these items from Casa Bini Textiles, Restoration Hardware and The Wool Company).

alpaca-throw-brown-natural-checks alpaca-throws-knitted-grey alpaca-throws-blue

When choosing a wool throw not only for functional purposes but also as an interior detail, firstly think what you aim for. Will it be a complementing accessory to your room design or an eye-catching detail? Does it have to melt in the surroundings or stand out? Where will it be placed? Used as a cover of an armchair? Or maybe placed on your bed? Will you keep it handy on your sofa? Or maybe hidden in a drawer chest?

Having answered these questions to yourself, check the supply and prices and then pick the one for you!

And if you are not sure about which to choose, just take the one you simply like the most – I am sure you will find a place for a thing you really adore!