With the weather starting to get better and sun shining every other day the first thing everyone wants to do is to throw your wool sweaters and warm coats into the deepest corner of your closet.

Marta Wool Throw - WoolMe

While that might seem tempting it is in fact the worst thing you could possibly do. Not only will you regret doing that when you wake up on a chilly morning and find out you do not have any warm clothes to wear. Spring is the season when colds and flus are spreading all around us and it is really easy to catch one when you are not properly dressed and feeling chilly.

To help you get your wardrobe spring-ready we have prepared a handy list that will help you sort out the things that will be essential for spring.

A lightweight windbreaker

While a windbreaker might not seem like the warmest piece of clothing it is actually quite handy for spring. While protecting you from the two most annoying things in spring – wind and rain – it is also lightweight and easy to pack in a bag if you start feeling too warm.

Comfortable sneakers

Even though sneakers might not be your favourite type of footwear considering getting a pair since it is the perfect spring footwear. Great for long walks and the rainy weather that likes to change every two hours sneakers are one of the essential items for everyone to own in spring.

A lightweight wool throw

Considering all the multiple occasions when a wool throw might come in handy it is really worth keeping at least one cosy lightweight wool throw in your wardrobe. Wearing it as a blanket scarf will guarantee you will always have it by your side in case you need it.