With spring coming to an end and the weather starting to feel a bit more summer-ish we all start looking forward to spending time outdoors. Today we’ve prepared a list of useful tips for places to see, things to do and stuff to bring with you for this May.


Re-visit parks around you

With all of the major cities having plenty of amazing parks to offer we’re pretty sure you’ll find one nearby. On the other hand why not pop into a car and pay a visit to one of the huge parks in the capital such as the Hollands park and check out the amazing Japanese Kyoto gardens or have a stroll and watch the pelicans being fed at St. James’ park?

Go for an afternoon at one of the rooftop bars

With Roof East having opened on the 4th of May it is officially the season of rooftop gardens and bar. One of the greatest ways of having fun and spending time outdoors at the same time is to head to a rooftop bar. Go for an old-school roller dancing feast or chill at a rooftop cinema club with a cocktail in one hand and popcorn in the other. Nothing could be better you say? They even provide lightweight wool throws in case you feel chilly – of course it is always better to bring your own alpaca wool throw to curl into.

BBQ all the way!

While spring might bring us some occasional rain and bad moods it is always widely waited-for since it brings us the beloved barbeque season. Get your grilling mood on while making a lovely dinner infused with charcoal smoke, sauces and lots of love. Don’t forget to grab plenty of drinks so you stay well hydrated and a cosy merino wool throw to have a BBQ picnic later on.