With the change in season it’s time to turn our attention to making our homes as cosy as possible. Whilst candles and woolly socks are guaranteed to lift your spirits as the nights draw in, sometimes you need something more substantial. Something luxurious that immediately enfolds you in comfort and warmth. Meet our cashmere throws – the perfect addition to your Fall and Winter must-haves.

cashmere throw fall winter

Cashmere is expensive for a reason. It takes up to four years for a goat to produce enough cashmere to create a throw, and it’s this rarity that makes it such a valuable wool. But it’s also worth every penny as the fibres are exquisitely soft, and shouldn’t pill as some other wool fibres may. It is the ultimate in luxury, an investment in years of cosy evenings curled up on the sofa; of snug sleeps on chilly nights; and of warm throws wrapped round your shoulders on Fall outdoor gatherings.

Our Salvatore cashmere throws are lightweight enough to be used as a scarf or shawl, but also offer optimum heat. They look elegant draped over a sofa or across your bed, adding some understated opulence to any interior. Crafted from 20% cashmere, 40% merino and 40% viscose, they have the softness of cashmere with some of the more hard-wearing qualities of merino and viscose. Finished with a charming fringe detailing they combine elegance with an easy-going welcoming feel.

And because we use mixed fabrics in these cashmere throws, the price is far lower than many cashmere products. So you can enjoy all the benefits of cashmere at a fraction of the cost. As we approach Winter, particularly in this year of uncertainty, there’s never been a more important time to create a nurturing, cosy space to keep your spirits up.

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