With the winter giving us the chills every morning all that every single one of us want to do is curl up in bed all cosy and warm and watch James Corden shows all day long. While that sounds like an amazing plan not every one of us can stay at home the whole day without having to go out shopping, walking the dog or simply having to go to work.


Today we have prepared a list of lifesaving uses of a winter favouritemerino wool throw – that will help you get through the days you have to go outside into the cold.

  1. Wrapping up your little ones

While we can get dressed in multiple layers our little ones cannot do that by themselves and if they’re little enough they can’t even tell us whether or not they’re feeling cold. While layering ten jackets and wool socks on your baby might seem like a good idea he might not agree with you since that makes him feel very uncomfortable and having trouble moving freely. Another option is to dress your little one casually – a few layers is more than enough – and wrap him up into a warm lightweight merino wool throw. Warm and cosy – just perfect for winter.

  1. Using as a blanket scarf

Dressing up in a warm puffy jacket is one of the best options for winter, but there are some other ones. If you want to feel more comfy and move freely try wearing a plain wool coat and covering your neck and shoulders with a warm merino wool throw. Use it as a blanket scarf and a shoulder warmer – merino wool throws are lightweight, extremely soft and they do not take up much space, therefore you can easily fit them into your backpack if you start feeling a bit too warm.

  1. Using as a seat warmer

Especially if you prefer wearing short jackets instead of coats every once in a while you’re bound to experience the cold of your seat. In winter when weather gets chilly this thing may become noticeable more often. To protect yourself from getting cold and getting sick afterwards always carry a lightweight merino wool throw with you. Perfect for using as a seat warmer it will not only make sure you won’t feel cold sitting somewhere but it will also make your seat feel softer ant fluffier.