Cashmere wool is often called the soft gold and it surely deserves that name. Cashmere is widely accepted as the most elegant and luxurious wool in the history of the mankind. Cashmere throws and garments are warm, soft, and beautiful. The name of the wool derives from the word Kashmiri as it is collected from the goats of Kashmir in the Himalaya. These goats are also found in the higher plateau of Mongolia. The best of the best cashmere wool is considered the one that comes from the underbelly of the Kashmiri goat and this illustrates the fact that the quality of the wool depends on the area of the skin from which it is taken. Accordingly, the price varies as well.


Any cashmere throw, blanket or garment will be soft and snug. Cashmere wool products are approximately 8 times warmer than the wool of the sheep, so cashmere is perfect for winter. Cashmere comes in many colors and designs so it’s easy to choose a throw or a piece of clothing that suits your style and personality. Cashmere clothes make statement as they are not only cozy and warm, they look brilliant and elegant, and they are expensive.

High prices of cashmere throws and garments are caused by the fact that cashmere is a very rare product. Kashmiri goats are not available in large numbers and at the same time, and it takes a long time for them to produce enough wool for the throws and garments. That means – the supply does not meet the high demand and this result in high prices.


Nowadays, however, when anything can be copied, products tend to come to the market and bear less prices than the authentic products. So the one planning to buy a cashmere item has to be very careful about them. Before you purchase a cashmere blanket, throw or sweater, you need to check out a number of factors. And the main of them is wool quality. Become aware whether this product was made of genuine cashmere wool and whether it derived ethically. As there are different types of cashmere wools available in the market (e.g. ones that derived from the back and leg of the Kashmiri goats and are not of supreme quality and therefore, they cost less) one has to be aware of what he or she is buying as the lower quality cashmere wool will not offer the same quality and comfort.


All in all – cashmere throws and garments are luxurious things to have; they will serve you many years and provide you with an amazing sense of coziness, warmth and delicacy