While most of us are well aware of natural fibres such as linen, wool and cotton, the more unique ones such as merino wool are often overlooked. This natural fibre has a lot of unique qualities and benefits making it one of the greatest natural fibres you can find. The simple natural fibre, taken from Merino sheep – merino wool is fluffy in appearance, but very lightweight.

Merino Wool - WoolMe

Able to retain and diffuse heat as needed because of its insulating qualities merino wool is perfect for people with sensitive skin and great for cold weather.

The benefits of merino wool:

It is a natural fibre so it is soft on the skin.

Merino wool absorbs moisture in order to keep you dry.

It has keratin that gives a fibre the silky, soft and glossy feeling.

Merino wool also deters bacteria and the subsequent odour therefore it will not insulate the heat and sweat inside when you feel hot.

It is a warm fibre so it retains heat – whilst remaining breathable. However, because it is also a breathable fibre, it can cool your off when needed so you don’t overheat.

It stretches but keeps its shape – making it ideal during activity or for travelling and packing. Even if it gets wet, wool springs back into its original shape.