With sun shining more and more every day we can finally start celebrating summer the way we are supposed to. And what better way to celebrate summer than having a cosy little picnic at the park. Today we have prepared a list of great tips for things you’ll need to take and places you must visit to make your picnic unique and fun.


Things to take with you

While most of you enjoy picnics, getting ready for one might become a real struggle if you don’t know what to take with you. Firstly, and most importantly, the most essential thing for a picnic is a blanket. A wool throw is a great choice since it will not only give you a place to sit on and feel cosy but it might also save you from getting cold if it gets chilly. A few pillows might come in handy if you are preparing for a whole-day picnic, but that definitely isn’t a must since they take up quite a bit of space. A picnic basket is another must-take item, since it is perfect for storing food and other items such as board games or your beloved book.

Food to buy

The first thing you need to remember when getting ready for a picnic is that you will definitely not be cooking at a park. Therefore pre-made meals such as sandwiches, hot dogs and salads are the perfect choice for a picnic. If you’re going for something more organic and healthy try visiting places like Whole Foods Market for a huge variety of organic snacks. When getting your food ready don’t forget to grab some drinks! If the sun is out you’ll definitely want to grab a bottle of water with yourself in order not to get dehydrated throughout the day.

Places to visit

The most important (and the most fun!) part of getting ready for a picnic is choosing the perfect place. With the huge variety of parks and cosy little places around you it might be a difficult task. If you’re up for some fun try choosing a place you’ve never been to, so you can explore new surroundings and check out new things, such as the Kyoto Garden with its amazing Japanese fish at Holland Park. On the other hand if you prefer a romantic picnic with no one around you should go for a well known place that you definitely enjoy.