Let’s first define what throws & blankets are and then speak of their functions. Blanket is a special form of bed linen. A medium size blanket usually has the size of three feet by five feet. It is used to cover oneself while sleeping. A throw is a very similar home textile item and the only significant difference between them is the purpose of using. A throw serves mainly for decorative purposes.

throws & blankets

Throws & blankets nowadays can be produced from wide array of fabrics – there can be wool throws & blankets, they can be made of cotton, silk, velvet, fur, chenille, a mixture of cotton and polyester etc. It’s important to mention that when choosing the material of your throw or blanket the purpose of usage has to be kept in mind. Mainly – whether you buy this piece of textile as a bed linen or only for decorative function.

Think of where this throw is going to be placed – on a bed, couch, sofa, used to cover oneself or only used as a draper. Will children use it and how easy is the care.

Thus, for instance, knit throws are mostly designed for the living room and dining room furnishing, while wool throws & blankets can be used as bed linen or bed decoration as well as a comforter in the sitting room.

wool throws & blankets

As for bed blankets – they are mostly produced from wool or fleece in order to meet their main function – to make the sleepers warm and comfortable. Most popular are merino wool throws, 100% alpaca throws, silk & wool throws.

Throws & blankets can also be classified according to their style. There are plain blankets, decorative blankets, woven blankets quilted blankets, crochet blankets, and embroidered blankets. Crochet, hand-woven embroidered throws and blankets are mostly used to meet the decorative purposes. A quilted throw or blanket is made from two sheets of fabric with a layer of wool between them so it is not only beautiful but also warm.

Throws & blankets are useful in different situations and are handy everywhere – at home, in the automobile, a cabin, in a garden and for an outdoor picnic.