We would like to tlk about different types of wool. Whether you are planning an afternoon picnic at a park, an evening at a rooftop bar or simply an outdoor movie night you are bound to get cold unless you have got something warm to cover your shoulders. And what better thing is there to keep your shoulders warm then a cosy wool throw?

baby alpaca

Baby alpaca throws

The finest and softest type of alpaca wool – baby alpaca wool – is a luxurious natural fabric. Lightweight, durable and extremely warm baby alpaca throws are great for both decorating your home and keeping you warm.

wool throws - WoolMe

Wool throws

On top of its longevity feature pure wool is extremely warm and has insulating qualities therefore making it one of the most beloved natural fabrics in the world. From picnics to evenings at rooftop bars – wool throws are definitely a must in every household.

cashmere throws - WoolMe

Cashmere throws

This soft and luxurious fabric is known for being really lightweight and insulating warmth perfectly. This unique and flexible fibre takes long to produce therefore making it relatively pricy, but the longevity of cashmere throws makes it worth the price.

alpaca throws - WoolMe

Alpaca throws

This extremely soft type of wool is loved by everyone all around the world – even people with skin allergies can enjoy the warmth of these throws since alpaca wool has no lanolin making it hypoallergenic.

mohair throws - WoolMe

Mohair throws

The extremely durable, soft and strong fabric produced from angora goats makes mohair throws very unique. Mohair has high moisture absorbency therefore keeping you warm in the winter and cooling your body in the summer.

merino throws - WoolMe

Merino wool throws

Breathable in summer and warm in winter merino wool throws are soft enough not only for you but even for the little ones. Warm and elegant merino wool composed of natural proteins has various advantages, one of them being environmentally friendly.

linen throws - LinenMe

Linen throws

Produced from the flax plant linen if one of the most durable, breathable and all in all unique natural fabrics. Cosy and stylish linen waffle blankets are great for a warm summer evening. Even better – they are extremely lightweight therefore making them easy to carry around with you.