When weather starts getting cooler, what is the first choice of all the accessories that help to keep you stylish and also provide comfort and warmth? Of course, it‘s a wool scarf!


I remember wool scarves of my childhood well – they were all hand-knit by my mother or grandmother and were long, fluffy and very warm! And they did their work perfectly during those long cold winters.

Nowadays wool scarves are more fashionable, light weight, made from a huge variety of fiber types and not just for winters anymore.

As scarves are never too many, we often find ourselves hesitating weather to buy this new one or just forget it. Maybe knowing some tips about how to choose a wool scarf will help when this situation occurs.

First of all – when deciding of buying a wool scarf, it‘s wise of course to consider both fashion and practicality.


• If you plan pairing your wool scarf up with your winter coats and other thick clothing, try wool scarves in cashmere or merino wool. Any scarf with any of these two fibers mixed in will be more lightweight and soft. It will compliment your winter clothing without adding extra thickness and weight.

• Decide beforehand whether you want a casual or dressy scarf.

• Consider wool scarves with little add-ons such as sequins, beads or laces because they add a touch of femininity and coolness to your style. Even jeans and T-shirt style will look dressier when lightweight feminine scarf is added.

• Do not compromise on quality. Purchase a wool scarf that is made of pure wool or made of a blend of several wool types. Silk is also a good thing to have blended in. Lower quality wool scarves are more likely to itch and bite. Cashmere, baby lamb or alpaca wool scarves are always a good choice.

• Of course, think of color palette. Whether you need a plain wool scarf or that with a pattern. Colorful scarf attract attention and add some character to your outfit while pastel (colored or plain) scarf will add elegance.


Wool scarves are naturally soft, breathable, and warm; they protect you against cold and are the important elements in making gorgeous style. So take your time and choose your wool scarf carefully!