While luxurious wool throws such as baby alpaca throws or angora throws are nice to have and use, sometimes you look for something of less value to cover all your needs. Quality wool throws – let’s say – alpaca throws – are too expensive and too appreciated to use them for example for little children bedding. On the other hand, one always has some cheap wool throws that have to make use of themselves. So let’s discuss how we can make use of cheap wool throws and what our needs we can cover with a simple thing like a discounted wool throw.

cheap wool throws

1. Use your cheap wool throws outside. If you didn’t spend a lot of money on a throw, you won’t be as concerned about whether or not it gets a little dirty. Use your fine bedding for your bed, and take your cheap throws for a picnic or to the seaside. Have one or two of them always handy in your mudroom or near the entry, so you can grab them before you go out.

2. Use your discounted wool throws in a guest room. Outfit a guest bed with a few beautiful throws to ensure a pleasant rest for your visitors. Place some of them neatly folded of a chair or in the closet to allow your guest to add warmth and comfort to his or her bed whenever they need or want this.


3. Cheap wool throws suit perfectly for children beds. Cover their beds with a throw or two and do not worry about stains and spills that might occur when children paly on or next to their beds. If a cheap throw gets dirty, launder it bravely or just throw away and get another discounted wool throw. With children, it’s often a better solution to have several less expensive throws and blankets than one of higher end.

4. Keep one or two wool throws in your car. A cheap throw can serve as a cover up for sleeping children or heat them up on a chilly day. It can serve as an impromptu picnic “table” whenever you feel like or become a soft pad for those with backaches.

wool throws

5. Let your children make throws’ tents and fortresses. Having several cheap wool throws will allow you not to worry when children ask some “material” to build a fort of. No need to give them your luxurious alpaca wool throws for this purpose – give them some discounted ones you bought last year! With plenty of cheap throws around, rainy and chilly days will never be boring again.

Apart form all we mentioned above – use your cheap wool throws all around the house to increase comfort, warmth and enhance the looks. Consider keeping some of them in a storage cabinet near your living room, where they’ll be handy whenever one of the family members feels like watching a movie or reading a book. A good wool throw can serve so many uses one should definitely have some of them at home!