Alpaca is an animal of the camelid family which lives in the high altitudes of the South American Andes.  They are gentle creatures appreciated for their ability to produce a superb, heavy fleece of fine, strong fiber that is considered one of the most luxurious in the world. Alpaca fleece is used to produce a variety of products and 100% alpaca throws are among the most popular. Alpaca wool lacks lanolin and this makes it hypoallergenic. And the presence of tiny air pockets in the fiber ensures not only lightness of the wool, but also its excellent insulation properties. All this results in quality alpaca throws that are unbelievably soft and ideal for keeping one nice and comfy when there’s a chill in the air!


Alpaca wool comes in a variety of colors – solid white, black and different shades of them as well as mixes of brown and grey in between.

Choosing quality 100% alpaca throws for the first time can be a tough task. There are so many different grades of it. From baby alpaca to very course alpaca, the quality – ant the prices – range greatly. The rule of thumb is always choose the color or softness that suits you, but for those who want more here are some tips to follow to make sure one is getting his/hers money’s worth.


  • Consider a throw made from Peruvian or South American alpaca wool. Peruvians have been spinning alpaca for centuries, so the best quality comes from there.
  • Decide the grade you want to acquire. There are throws made with 100% alpaca and throws made with alpaca blends. 100% alpaca throws are lighter and warmer, and therefore – more expensive.
  • If you can afford, select high-grade alpaca, such as “baby alpaca”. The throw will touch your skin, so the softest and lest itchy option is recommended.
  • Choose natural tones in alpaca. Alpaca fiber comes in more than twenty natural colors but also can be colored with strong dyes. And they sometime disguise poor quality.


Carefully chosen 100% alpaca throw will become an irreplaceable beautiful accessory in your home and make your body warm and cozy whenever needed.