Curling up on a sofa after a hectic day with a warm and cozy wool throw is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Similar to slipping into a nice warm bath – heavenly. Quality wool throw provides luxurious comfort and helps to relax. If this is what you wish to your closest – include wool throws and blankets to your Christmas gifts list.


Wool throws & blankets are used not only to cover oneself on chilly evenings – they are perfect as duvets in colder months. Or as an extra layer on a top of a duvet. There are only little alternatives to a pure wool throw to keep one warm at night. Unlike man made bedding, wool blanket won’t slide around and end up on the floor, sleeping under a pure wool blanket is like being gently hugged you as one sleeps. Wool has natural breathing properties. It traps warmth in the winter, but also lets air flow through wool, preventing one from overheating in the summer.


Giving someone wool throw as a gift means much more than simply giving a gift. With a quality throw we wish someone warmth, coziness, comfort and stress-free time – literally and figuratively. The gift itself then shows our best wishes and our deep feelings about the person receiving gift. Think of your mother or girlfriend or a colleague receiving a wool throw – just imagine what their feeling and thoughts would be!

Wool throws & blankets are easy to find these days but quality ones need some effort to identify. Cashmere throws and alpaca throws are top quality ones that suit even for babies. Sheep and merino wool throws are more popular and affordable – and still very warm and comfortable.


Search internet for particular wool type throws or browse for most beautiful design, pattern and colors – and while doing this, have in mind a person the throw is meant for. What are his or her tastes, preferences, what the throw will be used for.

Christmas is the best time to show our warm feelings to our beloved and quality wool throw is the best way to.