When shopping for blankets the natural wish is to select the best one. As wool throws and other blankets are quite costly to buy, it’s wise to know beforehand what types of throws & blankets exist and then decide which one we exactly want. So, check out the list:


  • Wool Throws & Blankets. Wool throws come in variety of materials and colors. There are merino throws, alpaca throws, even cashmere throws and ones made of yarn blends. They are extremely warm and look classy when placed in sitting room or bedroom. Can be used as an interior detail.
  • Electric Throws. These are the especially warm blankets and throws that make one feel cozy and well comforted. They are powered by conductive tape and might be not that good idea to buy if you are new to the idea. Choose then wire-free designs. Electric blankets give one proper heat and are very lightweight.
  • Cotton Throws & Blankets. These are very popular blankets because they are versatile in nature and lots of styling options are available. Colors schemes and prices vary a lot. Cotton blankets are also used by people who are hot blooded in cold seasons.
  • Fleece Blankets. They are the softest option which makes one feel cozy and comfortable whole winter night. They have a silky touch. Fleece throws & blankets are made of polyester along with other synthetic fibers. Enormous amount of designs and styles are available. Quite inexpensive.
  • Down Blankets. Together with wool throws & blankets, down blankets are the most luxurious ones available in the market. They are made of fine quality down and are extremely warm and pleasant to skin.

As the cold seasons are approaching people start taking out their wool throws to save them from the chilly weather and provide some coziness. Wool throws are widely considered are the best ones for these purposes. They are known for durability, smoothness and warmness. Wool throws are the classic choice when a gift is needed at the wedding or any other occasion. Wool is the natural fiber that lends warm and cozy feeling and therefore it is considered to be the perfect material for producing throws & blankets.