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How to Care for Wool Throws (3)

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We continue our articles about how to care for wool throws.

How to protect my wool throws from moths?

Wool throws & blankets can be damaged by moths when they are not being used for some time and/or stored in some quiet storage place. Wool throws in some dark dry place with little human traffic is an ideal place for moths to lay their eggs there. The wool larvae then develop from the eggs and they will feed on the wool making the damage to your throw or blanket or any other wool item.


To avoid this you should use airtight storage bags to keep your wool throws when you are not using them for longer intervals of time. It unlikely though, a moth damage would occur you put your wool throws away for just a little bit at time. To be on the safe side, always store them completely cleaned and brushed.


How to Care for Wool Throws (2)

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We continue our article about how to care for wool throws.

What if my wool throw shrinks?

The most common issue people face after washing their wool throws & blankets is shrinkage. And this is really a problem. This happens when wool items are washed in too warm or even hot water, or dried outside in a direct sunlight. Your wool throws will also shrink if dried in a dryer.


It is a common problem and a very annoying one because wool blankets once shrunk, will stay this size forever. They cannot be resized back to their previous size.


Cleaning Your Wool Throws

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An important question that people usually ask concerning wool throws is, how should I clean them? The thing is this type of blankets & throws require very little special attention. Here we gathered some tips on how to clean and care for your wool throw or blanket. It’s important to know that unless you have had major accidents with dirt and spill, a wool throw should only be cleaned once or twice a year.


1. If the need to remove dirt or other debris from your wool throw or any other wool item arises, in most cases you can solve this with a simple brush – just brush the item lengthwise and your blanket will look great.