With the season of late night walks and afternoon teas in the park finally here the biggest dilemma is what to wear and how to make yourself feel warm and cosy. To ease things for your we have prepared a list of great natural fabric combinations that not only look great together but will make you feel cosy and great as well.

Natural Fabrics

Linen Clothes - LinenMe

Cotton is and always has been the most popular natural fabric of all. From bedding to clothing and towels cotton is the most universal natural fabric. As for making you feel cosy cotton clothing will definitely do that. Soft and warm cotton clothes are very comfortable to wear. Matching a cotton shirt with a pair of stone washed linen trousers will make you look stylish and feel comfortable for every occasion.

  • Wool & silk

Wool Throws - WoolMe

As we all know, wool is considered to be one of the warmest natural fabrics if you wish to add cosiness to your wardrobe simply get yourself a warm wool throw to cover your shoulders. The great shade and pattern variety that WoolMe has to offer will definitely be enough for you to choose from. Adding a silk scarf to match your wool shoulder warmer will make your set look luxurious and classy.

  • Cashmere & alpaca wool

cashmere throws - WoolMe

One of the most luxurious fibres known – cashmere – is known for its unique qualities – softness and warmth. Getting yourself a cosy cashmere throw or a pair of mittens will never be a wrong decision. Perfect for spring cashmere is the greatest fabric when matching with other natural fabrics. While you might doubt that matching wool with wool is a great choice, you should definitely try it first. The soft and fluffy alpaca wool looks amazing when matched with the thin and luxurious cashmere.