Last time we shared some ideas on how to use your wool throws to add some elegance, coziness and comfort for your home. Let’s continue with them!


Outdoors comfort. Wool throws are irreplaceable for outdoor dinners, parties or simply snuggling outdoors. Even if the weather is warm and no cover is needed, a wool throw or two draped over your furniture will create a cozy feeling, especially if the candles are lit up!

Snug chaise lounges. If you have one, create a corner of interest. Fold your wool throw lengthwise, then in half, and angle it on the corner of your seat cushion. Thin throws, like baby alpaca throws, work better for this.


Revive you armchair. Add some color to a neutral chair or the one you are bored with. Take a wool throw blanket, drape it over the chair after folding it lengthwise; tuck it under the seat cushion to keep it in place.


 Warm up your guest room. Adding a beautiful throw over the bed will result in cozier and more personal guest room. A person will surely fell more welcomed and appreciated if his or her comfort is well considered and taken care of.


Casual over-the-arm style. Thin wool throws look especially good draped casually over the arm of a sofa or chair. Fold it lengthwise and drape it over the arm. Don’t worry about how it falls; it will look so warm and cozy. This will add some texture and softness to your room.

Chunky knitted wool throws. Lush heavy knitted wool throws looks bets when a bit messy. Don’t try folding it, it is too thick. Simply drape it over the your sofa, maybe tuck a bit here and there. Try throwing it over your bed – the room will warm up at once!


We hope these ideas will help you create a stylish and comfortable home – the one you surely deserve!