Soft, snug and colorful wool throw is hardly resistable, so many of us end up with one as an unexpected shopping result or get as a gift on many occasions. And while snuggling with a quality and pretty merino or alpaca wool throw on a chilly winter evening is a real heaven, other throws we have sometimes sit in a closet untouched. No more of this!


Use your wool throws to adorn and cozy up your home interior. If you think it’s too complicated, think again. There are a lot of ways to do it so it doesn’t look sloppy. Here are some tips how to use them.

Use on chair seats. It will make padding on hard-seat chairs and become a protective barrier on cushioned ones (and keep your cushions pet hair-free).

Adorn your sofa. Open your wool throw and drape it across the back of a sofa. It will look better on a tight-back sofa as it won’t sink in and will hold its form better. For other sofas, try the “floating” drape – fold your wool throw lengthwise and drape it on either side of the sofa or down the middle. A pillow placed in front of it will make the design look complete.


Cozy up a big bed. To make the large bed feel cozier, place a wool throw of a corresponding color (deeper shades work better) on the end of the bed. If the main scheme of the room consists of solid colors, try patterned wool throw and vice versa. As master bedroom is a place fro adults, spoil yourself with pure cashmere wool throw or baby alpaca wool throw.

Tip: Throws do not need be necessarily placed only at the end of a bed. Should you have a large wool throw (especially if the pattern is gorgeous), pull it three quarters up the bed and add some coziness as well as interest.


Adorn your headboard. It’s a good idea to use your wool throw (especially with a fun crazy print!) draped over an upholstered headboard for a new look. Use Velcro to keep it in place.


To be continued…