Having one or some cashmere throws is a wish by many who seek for true luxury and comfort at home. The feeling one wraps him/herself in a cashmere throw is incomparable. Although there are lots of quality types of wool that allow a throw be really soft and warm, cashmere yarn is certainly a king among them.


Soft, warm, comforting – the amazing lure of cashmere throw is undeniable. There is simply hardly anything more exquisite next to our skin than a feather-light touch of cashmere.

Cashmere is a fine and soft fiber obtained from the necks of Cashmere goats. Cashmere goats are grown mostly in high mountain regions, such as India, China, Mongolia and Tibet. In recent years, American herders have started raising cashmere goats as well.

Garment and textile items made of cashmere wool yarn provide a natural light-weight insulation without being bulk. Natural colors of cashmere wool are various shades of grey, brown and white but it can be dyed any color.

Only a small amount of cashmere fleece can be harvested from each Cashmere goat every year – that makes cashmere wool very expensive. Apart from rarity cashmere is so highly valued also for its softness, lightweight and airy, silky feel. Cashmere throws and clothing do not wrinkle easily, rarely pill, are durable and is said to become softer with each wearing.

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Cashmere wool is commonly used for sweaters, scarves, jackets and throws. Because of its delicacy, cashmere throws and garment are highly appreciated by those with sensitive skin. Coarser cashmere yarn can be used for coats, rugs or carpets.

A cashmere throw is a valuable home ware accessory to accompany one during the long chilly winter days and nights. In most cases, cashmere throws are used to decorate the interior either draped over a sofa or an armchair or placed as an extra bed spread during colder months. A soft and cozy cashmere throw can turn any setting into an impromptu chance to cuddle up.