As you all probably know alpaca throws are made out of alpaca animal (which are bread in the mountains of Peru) wool. Being soft and smooth as well as very warm, alpaca throws are appreciated addition to every home.

Items made from alpaca wool fibers can retain heat and regulate the body temperature and therefore they are perfect companions in chilly winter weather.

Alpaca thorws

Interesting fact is that the age of the animal does not determine the softness of the fur – both young and old animals provide alpaca wool that is suitable to make very soft products like alpaca throws, alpaca blankets, alpaca garment.

Even using alpaca wool next to skin is comfortable as alpaca fiber allow the skin to breathe and also the texture is very soft and non-itchy. Alpaca wool throws are used even for babies. Blankets made of alpaca fiber are warmer than those made of regular sheep wool and they are also very durable when taken proper care of.

alpaca throw blue

To serve a long time your wool throws and blankets have to be ventilated outside regularly. Small spills and stains should be taken care of immediately – washed with special stain remover or cool soapy water. If a need to wash the whole throw arises, this should be done by hand and dried laid flat. Machine wash is also possible if there is a wool wash program in your machine settings. Drying an alpaca throw in a dryer can result in shrinking in size and deformation thus drying in fresh air laid flat is always recommended. Take good care of your wool throw and the fiber will remain as naturally soft as possible and serve you many years.

Alpaca throw is a stylish addition to your home too. The beauty of wool throws and blankets lies in the fact that, even though they are so basic, they add hugely to the coziness of the room. Placed on a bed, sofa or on an armchair, they do not go unnoticed.

alpaca blanket

With more than 20 colors in which alpaca throws are available and enormous amount of patterns and designs you can choose the special one suiting your tastes and preferences and interior style.

Alpaca throws as other wool throws are durable and can be enjoyed for years without any worries about the fiber being damaged somehow. So browse through your high-street textile shops or online and acquire yourself a beautiful addition to your home, to your body and heart!