Linen fabric is probably the most versatile one and can be used to produce the widest assortment of home textile items. Linen bedding is considered to be luxurious as well as pure linen bathroom towels, table linen and linen clothing. Why is that? Why textile items or apparel made of linen fabric are so popular?


Linen bedding, linen clothing, linen tablecloths and bathroom linen are the post popular textile items made of linen. Qualities of linen fabric benefit all of them and make them bestsellers in textile industry.

Linen fabric is s breathable one. Lying in linen bedding or wearing linen clothes make one warm in the winter and insulating and cool in the summer.

– Relatively rough linen fabric (because of microscopic breaks in the fabric) has a massaging effect – stimulates blood flow and promotes relaxation.

– It is highly absorbent and dries in an instance – very important qualities for bathroom towels.

Linen fabric is antibacterial and anti-allergic which makes linen bed linen stand out in wide array of bedding choices.

Linen is stronger than cotton and also very durable – this makes it an investment.

– After each wash your linen clothing or linen bedding and towels get softer and smoother – even more pleasant to your skin.

– Thanks to modern technologies and dies, there are endless possibilities for linen products colors and patterns.

Linen Towels

– Wearing linen or having it next to the skin while sleeping generates this incomparable feeling of luxury and quality. Extreme comfort is what you are buying!

And the last but not the least reason to choose linen – it is always in fashion. It’s very easy to look stylish with clothes made of natural materials – with all their distinctive features like crumples and airy shapes. And your home will always shine with coziness and reveal your good taste if linen textile – napkins, tablecloths, bedding etc is used.

Linen items are all machine washable and can be dried in a drier which means linen table linens such as linen napkins, linen tablecloths, linen runners and other items are the everyday use ones.

To conclude all the benefits one can say linen fabric items are durable, gorgeous and healthy which make them so popular and always in fashion.

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