Wool and products made of it (like wool throws, blankets, wool clothing) are experiencing a revival some last years as the textile market is in a great demand of natural materials. Wool throws and blankets were used for many centuries to keep people warm. By discovering and implementing the method of cutting and combing people started the extensive use of wool to make things that bring warmth and coziness as well as protection. Throws and blankets are among the most popular wool products. Angora, alpaca throws, even cashmere throws found their places is many homes.


To consider oneself a wool-educated person, one has to know the main attributes of wool.

1. Keratin, is the main component of wool fur of protein nature. It enhances the elasticity of wool material, kinking effects and, eventually, the wool throws or clothes made of it can boast their long life and good appearance.


2. Absorbency. Wool can absorb nearly 1/3 of moisture in correspondence to the weight and do not feel wet at all. Eventually the damp slowly evaporates.

3. Curing effects. Since ancient times wool was believed to be a treatment for some pains – a headache and teeth pain. Wool preserves the conditions, which are necessary for the human body – it keeps body warmth and protects from cold; it has a very good insulation.


One of the most important measures of effective use of wool is the preservation of its valuable properties in all stages of production during gathering, storage and processing. Owning a quality alpaca throw, merino throw or cashmere throw makes autumn and winter evenings way more pleasant and wearing some nice wool scarf or socks make chilly weathers bearable.